Photoaster is an app for quickly adding filters and effects to your photos.

The app comes with 40+ custom filters, each with their own unique style. I created every filter myself by color grading a wide variety of photos. I wanted to make sure there's a filter that works for any photo you throw at it (and a few fun ones, too).

After you choose a filter, you can apply effects like Bloom and Vignette, fine-tune your photo using adjustment controls like exposure and contrast, and choose a finish like CRT TV, film grain, or paper. Adjustments are applied before the filter which keeps colors from distorting. For example, if a filter tints highlights blue and you boost your exposure, the highlights will remain light blue.

You can download Photoaster on the App Store for free. There are no in-app purchases or subscriptions. I made this app because I wanted an easy, fast, and fun way to edit photos on my phone. If you enjoy it, please leave a review!
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