Haunted Table is an indie game studio that recently crowdfunded their first TTRPG: Triangle Agency.

I designed the Kickstarter page for Triangle Agency and 3D modeled the backer rewards to help promote the campaign, which funded in under an hour. The campaign raised $379,602, which is 3,796% of their $9,999 fundraising goal!

A few snippets from the campaign page.

Below are several of the 3D renders I created for the campaign. Each backer tier is represented by a GIF showing the available products. I wanted to make sure I showed the products clearly while hitting that corporate-chic-from-hell vibe.

The Complete Set: The Core Rulebook (Cover by Ryan Kingdom), The Vault (Cover by Corviday), The Triangle Agenda character planner, and the Agency-approved dice.

Triangle Agency uses a d4 based dice system, where 3's indicate stability and other numbers create chaos. Every physical tier of the campaign includes a set of custom dice that highlight the 3.

An example of rolling the dice, if you had telekinesis.

Part of an Agent's toolkit is the Ripple Gun– a device used to neutralize paranormal Anomalies. I got to model the gun for the campaign based on concept art by Ryan Kingdom.

The highest backer tier is a life-size replica of the gun.

The Complete Set backer tier includes the Triangle Agenda, a character planner for tracking the lives of your Field Agents.
I designed the cover for the campaign and will be designing the rest of the Agenda.

I also designed the logo for Haunted Table.

Its name is Chair.

You can view the Triangle Agency campaign on Kickstarter.