Dispo is a digital disposable camera app. Available for iOS.

Photos taken on Dispo develop at 9am the following day, and are processed with a film-like aesthetic. Photos can be added to "rolls," which function like shared albums, to share them with friends.

Each camera is 3D modeled and rendered multiple times in separate pieces. Each zoom wheel, for example, is a custom 60 frame animation that scrubs as the user slides their finger. New cameras, some seasonal, were added regularly for about a year.

These are sample images I took with several of the cameras.
I was responsible for creating the filters, which consisted of a custom LUT and "hand generated" grain.

Here are most of the icons I drew for the app:

I also got to have some fun designing the onboarding experience, which was an interactive unboxing for the new camera. Unfortunately this got taken out later. : (

I joined Dispo several months before it launched in 2021 to design the camera system and some of the UI. I took over as lead designer later that year. Shoutout to the Dispo team, past and present, for their work on making such a cool and unique product!