Battle Kitty is an interactive kids show on Netflix, created by Matt Layzell and released in 2022.

It follows two friends, Kitty and Orc, who try to become champions of Battle Island.
Matt asked me to work on the show in 2018. My job was to bring the main duo into the 3D world for the first time. These models would be passed off to Plastic Wax, the studio that animated the show. They were also used in promotional materials.

It was a blast to work with Matt on turning the initial models into loveable characters ready for animation!

The part I played in the show creation process was relatively small, but it was so cool to see the work I did cascade into later decisions. Subtle details like the wavy texture I added to Orc's pants were carried through to other characters, for example.
After the models were finished, I got to rig and pose them. Finally, I made Kitty a few power-ups!

Thanks so much to the Battle Kitty team for bringing the show to life, and to Matt for asking me to help. It was an honor and so much fun!
Legal stuff– Battle Kitty is property of Netflix. All 3D assets presented on this page were created by me for the show. All sketches and notes were written by Matt Layzell.